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Rise & Shine Yoga

Sunrise Yoga is coming to end for this season.

Next confirmed classes:

Saturday – cancelled for the season

Sunday 14th Day – We will finish with a Yoga Day from 7am to 6pm.

New time: 7am

BYO mat 

Instructors from Reset – Yoga and Wellness Studios


Events & Workshops

Sunday 14th Day – We will finish with a Yoga Day from 7am to 6pm.

In the warmth and beauty of Tatapouri Bay is a gathering place for doers, dreamers, families, and friends. Let us know how we can host your event here – be it a workshop, yoga retreat, a special birthday, family reunions or company function.


Coming Soon

Yoga Day

As summer draws to a close and we transition into the beautiful season of fall, we are excited to invite you to join us for a special day of yoga and wellness at Tatapouri Bay.

This summer has blessed us with fantastic weather, transforming Tatapouri Bay into a serene and magical space perfect for yoga and relaxation. We’ve heard the requests from our community for retreats and wellness moments, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve listened.

In collaboration with Reset Studio, we are delighted to introduce Tatiane (Tati), our Operational Manager and Yoga Teacher, who will be leading a rejuvenating day of yoga and wellness. Together, we aim to create a memorable experience where attention flows, and energy follows.

Details of the event:

  • Date: Sunday, 14th April
  • Time: 7am to 6pm
  • Location: Tatapouri Bay Accommodation
  • Activities: Yoga sessions, guided meditations, wellness,, and more

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this event is open to all levels and ages. Come reconnect with yourself, immerse in nature, and bask in the tranquility of Tatapouri Bay.

Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment. Please RSVP by April, 06th to secure your place.

Join us as we bid farewell to summer and welcome the arrival of fall with open hearts and peaceful minds. We look forward to sharing this magical day with you.


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Sunrise & Yoga Day

A day of Yoga and Wellness

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Sunrise appreciation post 🌅 One of the best things about these short days are the later sunrises. It means more people are awake to witness the magic ✨ However, we are so looking forward to the days getting longer 😉 📷
You can't beat a serene day at Tatapouri Bay 🌞 Though nowadays a few more layers are in order 🥶
Warm lighting flooding our Zen Cabins 🌞 Designed to keep you cosy with an added touch of luxury. 📷
The cosy months are upon us 🤗 Good thing our beachfront accomodation is built for year round comfort 🙌
Fond summer memories with friends 🌞 Legs were definitely burning after this but it was well worth it.
Happy Mother's Day 💗 A friendly reminder that we're offering a 20% discount on our beachfront accomodation until 27th May to help celebrate her in all her glory and wonder ✨ Simply use the code LOVEMYMUM at checkout. Ps.She'll have access to our spa and sauna which will make relaxing soo much easier 🤗
Mothers Day Special 💕 To celebrate the incredible mommas out there we are offering 20% off our beachfront accomodation. There's nothing she probably needs more than a relaxing vacation 😉 Simply use the code LOVEMYMUM at checkout or purchase her a gift voucher.* 🤗 Gift vouchers can be purchased physically or via email. Offer available until the 27th May 2024.
Tati has a bright future in mug modelling if she fancies a career change 😉 Here she is beautifully displaying just one of the colour options. Available from reception 🙌
These Autumn swells have been treating us well 😍 #surftrip #surfnz
Our Zen Cabins are a very cosy option when it comes to Autumn vacations 🍂