• Farewell old friend

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November 4, 2019

Stay connected with us #TatapouriBay

Our much loved glamping tents may have been taken down for winter...But the good news is, you can book them way in advance πŸ™Œ Feel free to check out our website for availability 😘 #glampingnz #glamping #travelnz
Our Zen Cabins were designed to keep you cosy during the coldest of days. With double glazing and their own heat pumps, nature can be appreciated in total warmth and comfort 😌 πŸ“· @brooksabin #travelnz #nzmustdo
@vowyoga you have added so much beauty and grace to this space the past couple of summers. Thank you for helping us salute to the sun and downward dog. Most of all, thanks for being exactly who you are πŸ’œ Wishing you all the best with what this year brings in far away and exotic places. Love from all of us x
Each one of our beachfront Zen Cabins has been uniquely designed to create a different vibe ✨ #travelnz #gisborne
The gateway to the East Cape 😍 If you have yet to explore this part of Aotearoa let this be encouragement.
Happy Mother's Day πŸ₯° Shoutout to our momma Andrea, always providing laughter and adopting others as her own children. A vivacious and charismatic woman that gives the best hugs ever and is always up for adventure. We love you as much as you love @crocs. Thanks for being our biggest fan and a truly wonderful mum πŸ’œ
Our cafΓ© is offically closed until next summer 🌞 Thanks to each and every one of you who joined us for a coffee, baked good and bagel. Special mention to our wonderful team who kept on smiling and shining the whole way through, we love you 😍 πŸ“· @kayla.drinkwater
Our first (and last) Sunday Session of the season was a great succes πŸ₯³ Now we're even more excited for next Summer's antics. Especially now that we have a flash new covered area for all the crazy weather Gizzy throws at us. Grateful to all those who hustled, helped out and just relaxed on the grass. It was a very special gathering as always thanks to you beauties πŸ™Œ
Last summer our space got an extreme makeover by local artists including our own camp manager Nathan. We're excited to fill the space with more creative masterpieces and are always open to ideas πŸ™Œ
Meet Analu and Edison, camp residents and our very dear friends 😍 All the way from Brazil they can now call NZ home too. They're the kinda people make you feel special and are willing to help with anything you need. Super talented in what they do and embarking on a new journey with their interior design company Koru Studio. They have so much love for the world and we feel that reflected towards us. We cannot thank you two enough for all you have done but mostly just being who you are because that is enough!
One of our beachfront glamping tents has clear panels for cloud watching and star gazing πŸ™Œ These fill up fast over the holiday season so we do suggest booking in early 😊
Beautiful guest @jessie_jcarlson enjoying family time in our Zen Cabin 😍